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A famous actor once accused of owning child pornography said, “What if the FBI suddenly invaded your home and searched your web history? Would you be facing charges for something you willfully or accidentally viewed?” Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy to filter online pornography into legal...

Child Pornography | Will County Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Overview of Child Pornography Charges

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A famous actor once accused of owning child pornography said, “What if the FBI suddenly invaded your home and searched your web history?  Would you be facing charges for something you willfully or accidentally viewed?”

Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy to filter online pornography into legal or illegal.  You trust these online companies because of their well known names, but the truth is nobody is working to protect you—just themselves.  These companies say that they follow the law and don’t have any “illegal content” only so that they won’t get sued.  However, that leaves you, as the casual user, fending for yourself. These are serious matters and if you run into trouble it is important that you hire an experienced child pornography lawyer in Will County to represent you.

Aggressive Criminal Defense of Child Pornography Charges

In addition to revenge porn, non-con porn, celebrity hacked porn and illegally uploaded movies, child pornography is another type of porn that can get individual users into trouble, even without them suspecting that they’re doing anything wrong.

Child pornography refers to a general category of offenses covering images or movies, sometimes even script or writing that portray children in sexually explicit activities.

Federal Child Pornography Violations

Federal law delineates the specifics as to what exactly constitutes child porn and to what degree. All states have laws making it a crime to obtain for the purpose of viewing, to possess, to make or to distribute any kind of material where children are depicted or used in a sexual manner. Violating these laws can mean a person faces both federal and state charges. This is such a serious crime that it necessitates the experienced know-how of a child pornography Chicago criminal defense attorney to protect the accused individual’s legal rights. This is no time for delay or indecision it is important that you contact an experienced Federal Child Pornography Lawyer today.

Defense of Child Pornography Charges Internet Entrapment

Many users may accidentally view child porn images when surfing the “Deep Web” using an anonymizing browser like TOR.  For Deep Web sites, there is no censorship or limits.  There is no dominant web authority or even a search engine that can kill links or request editing of pages.  You’re on your own and the law is not necessarily on your side, just because your intentions are honorable.

Much of the content on the Deep Web is internationally hosted and may involve simulated or realistic depictions of murder and or child exploitation.  The Deep Web itself (sites that are off the grid and not crawled by Google or Bing, or sites that are encrypted and can only be found using a special browser) is not illegal, but many of the mystery links you have the option to open do contain images of child exploitation.  Sometimes images pop up on mysterious apps, games or pages and literally blindside you.

Regardless of whether it’s real or simulated, all such content is illegal and may expose you to the threat of criminal charges if these photos are caught in your file collection or even in your web history.  Contrary to popular belief, deleting web browsing history from your own computer does not destroy the record—your ISP host keeps the same log records.

Unintentional Viewing of Child Pornography

Most users do not go looking for child porn, but simply fall into the trap because of curiosity.  Another controversy is that of animated underage sex, which is not absolutely illegal…unless ruled illegal by a court of law.  This was the case of a man in New Zealand a few years ago who was arrested for downloading Japanese anime cartoons, depicting sex acts involving pixies and trolls that looked childlike.

Another threat is that of entrapment. The FBI has been known to engage in sting operations using bogus hyperlinks to catch child porn suspects. Even photo shops that develop film are on alert to possible instances of child pornography, although the age of digital photography and photo-adaptive cell phones can easily circumvent this. With public outrage over sex offenses come various national registry sites listing those convicted of sex crimes, of which child pornography is an included category. Once a person has been convicted of a sex crime he or she becomes a registered sex offender, returning to any semblance of “normal” life even after serving a prison term is a major problem if not impossible.

Accused of child pornography in the Joliet, Bolingbrook, Will County area?

Child pornography or child porn is any portrayal, including photographic, movie or videotape recording, manufactured image, representation or picture; no matter how images are produced (electronically, computer-generated, mechanically or otherwise), if it depicts or represents sexual activities either with a minor (person under the age of 18) or by a minor, it is considered to fall under this category. It carries a severe penalty, criminal record and stigma that can last a lifetime if convicted.

You, as the individual user, are expected to protect yourself against situations that can lead you to a criminal trial.  In court, your ignorance is not always a defense.  If you are accused, you must seek legal counsel for your own protection.

An attorney experienced in cyber-crimes, criminal defense and Illinois obscenity laws is in the best position to help you.  For your own protection, if you have been accused do not make any statement to police, friends or family if you are served with a notice or arrested.  It is vital that you contact a Will County defense attorney so that you can take the safest course of action.

Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting Your Child Pornography Charges

While actions such as the FBI fake hyperlink stings can sometimes result in the capture of serious sex offenders or “predators,” often someone totally innocent is swept up and entrapped this way and accused of child pornography and unfairly charged. Circumstances like this require skilled defense such as the accomplished and experienced handling clients receive at the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege. Their legal team gives each client the attention and priority needed to construct an effective and decisive defense. Your choice of attorney can mean the difference between prison and freedom. Make the call to the firm now if you have been charged with child pornography. Put their success in defending these cases and well-experienced attorneys to work fighting for you.

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