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Felony Appeals Lawyer | DuPage County Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Felony Appeals Lawyer | DuPage County Criminal Defense Attorneys

Felony Appeals Lawyer

Felony Criminal Appeals Attorney in DuPage County

Want to Appeal? Get an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer.

An individual who has been found guilty of a crime may suffer from serious disappointment. Michael Schmiege understand that not everyone who is convicted of a crime is guilty. In some cases there are evidentiary or procedural flaws that result in a guilty verdict.

A qualified criminal defense lawyer understands that your case must be thoroughly reviewed and investigated to bring to light any failures to follow correct procedure or the use of evidence which should not have been admitted. The criminal defense lawyers at our firm fully understand that errors can be made by investigators in how statements were taken, confessions elicited, in carrying out search and seizures (Fourth Amendment), errors in DNA testing, and in seeing to the Fifth Amendment rights of the accused prior to trial. Our criminal appeals attorneys are well versed in reviewing such matters and seeking out the errors in the case as well as the qualifications of any expert witnesses who testified and other vital actions necessary in the appeals process.

If you or a loved one has been found guilty of a crime, Michael Schmiege, a skilled criminal appeals attorney can provide the legal representation needed in the appeals process. In order to move forward with an appeal, the criminal defense attorney must show the court that justice was denied in the original trial. There is a limit to the amount of time one has to appeal after initial conviction, so it is important to contact a knowledgeable appeals attorney at our law firm immediately to discuss your case in detail.

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Contact Michael Schmiege's nationally recognized boutique law firm for a consultation with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who will fight charges aggressively for you. We dedicate the time and resources necessary to give our clients the best possible opportunity for a favorable outcome. Aggressive, skilled legal counsel is always your best chance for a favorable outcome when your future is in jeopardy. Call an experienced criminal defense lawyer at our firm immediately to ensure you have strong legal representation in your felony appeals case.

We serve DuPage County, including the cities of Wheaton, Naperville, Aurora, Westmont, Oak Brook, and Lombard. Give your future the best chance with our highly skilled defense strategies and understanding of prosecutor tactics.

Recent Verdicts and Settlements

Michael Schmiege has experience with felony appeals cases and our award-winning criminal defense attorneys deliver unparalleled results. Read more about our recent verdicts and case victories in DuPage County.

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