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Car accidents are the leading cause of the deaths of young people. Almost half of those automobile accident deaths are associated with alcohol consumption. On January 1, 1995 a state law became effective that affords the suspension of driving privileges for drivers under the age of 21 found to have any amount of alcohol in their system. It is referred to as the “Use It and Lose It” zero tolerance law. This law sets the allowable blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for under-aged drivers (below the age of 21) at .00. Hence, “zero” tolerance. The consequences can be swift and severe so any young person charged with DUI or driving while drug impaired needs to personally contact or have the parents contact a Chicago criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after arrest.

Zero tolerance penalties can vary in range from 2 years license suspension for a first offense to a minimum of 5 years for a second offense and on up from there for repeated offenses. This is also permanently on the individual’s driving record. A DUI on the driving record has long-range effects such as high costs for insurance and loss of future job opportunities in several fields.

Drivers that are over the age of 16 may apply for and be issued a restricted driving permit. Driving privileges may be reinstated after certain conditions have been met which include but are not limited to the payment of any fines, a reinstatement fee, and after any summary suspension periods have expired.

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While there are exceptions to the zero tolerance statute such as those who partake of alcoholic substances as part of religious ceremonies/services or who consume a specified, prescribed medication containing alcohol; the balance of those found with any blood alcohol concentration above the level of .00 while operating a motor vehicle are subject to severe consequences under the law.

Being able to drive a car means independence and freedom for a young person. Taking a car-full of friends out for a day of fun is a true pleasure moment. With this new-found freedom come responsibilities and certain laws with specific ramifications for breaking them that define the boundaries of this whole driving experience. Facing a DUI conviction at any stage in one’s life can be a frightening ordeal and is no less so for a teen driver.

At the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege, the team understands this as well as every possible consequence that can come from not having the right representation. The client’s defense and legal rights are top priority. Preparing and carrying out a solid and well-researched defense can increase the possibility of a better outcome for the client. The team of attorneys fights tough. Your legal rights and future driving privileges depend on securing knowledgeable, practiced representation. The firm has an extensive record of successes in the field of DUI defense. Do not wait to call. These cases move quickly through the system and fast action is critical.

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