Cited with a traffic violation in Chicago?

Most traffic violations will not result in steep fines and jail time. They may, however, cause you to accumulate points on your driving record, which can result in license suspension and high insurance rates. If you are a commercial driver, your livelihood could become a court’s decision. By contacting an experienced Chicago criminal attorney, you may be able to reduce or even eliminate these penalties.

More serious traffic violations include DUI and driving with a suspended license. The penalties for these violations may include jail time and loss of driving privileges. Don’t take chances with your future liberty, speak with an attorney today and find out your best legal option after a traffic violation.

Speeding tickets are a serious matter in Illinois, and state lawmakers have increased penalties for those who they consider are endangering others on the streets and roads by driving over the posted speed limit. In fact, should you be accused of traveling over 40 miles per hour above the speed limit, the offense is a Class A Misdemeanor with a possible year in jail, a $2,500 fine and other penalties if convicted. It is crucial that you have a strong traffic defense lawyer assisting you in such cases. Cases in which speeding or reckless driving occurred in a construction zone are also a serious legal matter and fighting the charge could result in a case dismissed or reduced charge. You can be assured that the attorney will seek out any option to defend you, including cross-examining the officer involved.

Chicago Traffic Violation Attorney

Severe traffic violations may carry criminal penalties. Refusing to take a breath, urine or blood test in the state of Illinois may bring a penalty of one-year license suspension. To be convicted of a DUI in Chicago, your Blood Alcohol Content must be above .08. Proceeding without an attorney will likely mean receiving the full penalty. For a DUI this can mean loss of license, steep fines, and even jail time. The court system can be extremely harsh and is built on a system that works like a machine. The experienced legal team at the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege have aggressively fought for the driving liberty of clients and helped them to avoid unwanted penalties for traffic violations.

The firm is committed to boldly defending unwanted charges and will seek to remove harsh penalties incurred. Speak with a Chicago criminal attorney immediately if you have been charged with any of the following offenses: DUI, Multiple DUI offenses, Moving Violations, Speeding, Reckless driving, Vehicular Manslaughter, or Driving on a suspended license. The legal team will aggressively defend you in court.

Contact a Chicago criminal defense attorney from the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege today.



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