Why All Criminal Charges Need to Be Taken Seriously

experienced Criminal defense in the greater chicago area

Are you facing criminal charges in the Chicago area? At the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege, our founding attorney has years of experience in protecting the rights of people who have been accused of DUI, drug crimes, violent crimes, theft, white collar crimes, arson, armed robbery, criminal appeals, sex crimes, and more.

Criminal defense law firms are the specialists that you need on your side when you have been charged with a crime. A lot of people think that their charge is not important enough to turn to criminal defense law firms.

Even misdemeanor charges require a well-heeled criminal defense attorney. Any type of criminal charge requires the support of an expert criminal defense attorney. There are a lot of people that have found out the hard way that they needed a criminal defense attorney.

There are 3 Good Reasons You Need a Lawyer

Of course, the most obvious reason you need a criminal defense attorney, Will County defendants have learned, is to stay out of jail but that is not the only reason. Jail Is not the only repercussions of a conviction.

The three reasons that you need an attorney on your side beside increasing the odds that you will stay out of jail:

  • The possibility of a reduced charge
  • Ensuring your rights are protected
  • Support in making the right decision for your case

An attorney that specializes in criminal defense can help you to get the best possible outcome which can include having your charges reduced to a lesser charge. Criminal defense law firms have the expertise to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney on your behalf.

You Have Rights

Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean you do not have rights. Your rights deserve to be protected, and criminal defense attorneys will protect them. Many times people give up their rights unknowingly when they do not have an attorney present.

You have certain rights under the law that are in place to protect you. Unfortunately, the prosecutor and even the court can wind up denying your rights simply because you are not aware of what they are. Having a lawyer will ensure that you do.

Reducing the Pressure of Making A Choice

An attorney has the expertise to honestly discuss outcome options and provide advice about which decision might be the beneficial one for you and your family. Making an informed decision about your case starts with having all the information. An attorney will ensure that you do.

Don’t Take the Risk

Walking into court without an attorney is risky. A misdemeanor is worthy of having an experienced attorney. Of course, if you are facing felony charges, it is even more important to have a felony lawyer by your side. Don’t risk your future, get the legal support you need today.