Secrets Revealed: 6 Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Are you facing criminal charges in the Chicago area? At the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege, our founding attorney has years of experience in protecting the rights of people who have been accused of DUI, drug crimes, violent crimes, theft, white collar crimes, arson, armed robbery, criminal appeals, sex crimes, and more.

Your Miranda rights should be read to you upon arrest which means that until you get a lawyer to speak on your behalf, you have all the right to remain silent. Among the decisions that you have to make after getting arrested is whether or not to hire a criminal defense attorney. Now that that legal representation services don’t come for free, hiring a criminal defense lawyer might seem like a bad idea in today’s harsh times. But if you were to think about what’s at stake, you will realize that the monetary fee is a small cost to pay. Here are reasons why you should consider the services of a criminal defense law firm.

1. Clear Understanding of the Judicial System

One of the most important reasons why criminal defense attorneys are a must is because they know the judicial system’s working mechanism. Even for someone who works in this field daily, having a clear understanding of the judicial system can be mindboggling. Even so, seasoned criminal defense lawyers have mastered the convoluted workings of the system to offer you the best guidance. Good criminal defense law firms will offer clients a step-by-step guide to help them understand court proceedings.

2. Solid Working Relationships with Prosecutors

Criminal defense attorneys build strong working connections as years go by with prosecutors. A positive working relationship with the opponent sounds strange. Both parties know that the experience is worthwhile when they engage with each other. The odds will be in your favor with a lawyer who has fostered an excellent relationship with the prosecutors. The solid working relationship makes negotiating for better bond terms or plea deal much easier.

3. Dealt with Similar Cases in the Past

Despite all attorneys in town having gone to law school, not all are built the same. Lawyers have different specialties, hence criminal defense attorneys deal with criminal cases. Though each criminal case is unique, hiring a criminal defense lawyer means that you will be counting on someone who has already dealt with cases nearly identical to yours. Now that your case won’t be the lawyer’s first rodeo, they will know what to do in order to get the best results.

4. They Keep Your Future Protected

Experienced criminal defense attorneys not only fight for their clients, but for their future as well. An experienced attorney might help scale down penalties and have the charges reduced. Your case might get dismissed altogether in case the police obtained evidence illegally.

When charges get reduced, the felony won’t appear on your criminal record and this can help save your career. Instead of being locked up in jail, the reduced charges will most likely mean that you can go back to work. In the event that the case gets dismissed, the lawyer will have saved you from the adverse effects of getting convicted.

5. Helps Spare Your Hard Earned Money

The thought of pricey legal services saving you money might seem counterintuitive. The opposite is true because shelling out extra for the services of a seasoned criminal defense attorney is worth every penny. The lawyer can help you get the best outcome for your case and prevent the loss of your professional license or job. With your license stripped off or job lost, years of earning potential will go down the drain.

6. Assessment of Law Enforcement Conduct

Not even TV or social media paints a clear picture of what law enforcement can do to get criminal case evidence. Criminal defense attorneys can identify loopholes and blind spots because they know the nuances of the correct procedure. Now that they know what the police can and cannot do, they can tell when a client’s rights have been violated. If your rights have been infringed upon during evidence gathering, the case might get dismissed on the basis of improper police conduct.

Final Word

Things could go to the dogs when faced with criminal charges but the good news is that a criminal defense attorney can be of great help. With the professional criminal defense law firms in town today, there is definitely one that is good for you. With proper legal representation, all the above benefits will come your way.